Congress returns facing must-pass funding bill as midterms loom

When Democrats left Washington in August, they did so on the wings of a series of policy victories, leaving the city after President Joe Biden pushed health care proposals over several key climate and party-line votes. But now, with midterm in November, the 50-50 Senate returns to Washington on Tuesday with passing legislation on its plate that requires bipartisan cooperation, just as political tensions reached their peak. It's been over a month since lawmakers were last in the nation's capital. Much awaits them.

Legislators may be returning to the Capitol in person, but their minds will be far away from their home states and electoral battlefields. The month marks the last working period for the House before the midterm elections on 8 November. The Senate is scheduled to return for two weeks in October, but lawmakers in both houses will undoubtedly use their remaining days in Washington to seek a political victory. on the trail.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are expected to spend weeks traveling the country to the polls, holding official events with incumbent lawmakers, while rallying supporters and fundraising for major races and candidates. Huh.

The clock is ticking on government funding

Chief among the priorities for Congress this month will be funding the government to prevent a shutdown when current funding runs out on September 30. With a bipartisan agreement on an all-encompassing spending bill still seems far away, lawmakers are expected to spend September focused on passing one. A stopgap funding bill that will likely address concerns about longer-term funding by the end of the year. It is necessary to pass the bill to keep the government open, but don't forget the necessity easily.